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            Dear Instructor

            Dear Instructor

            Thank you for using REFLEQ, a new online platform for reflection.  

            In REFLEQ, you can ask students metacognitive questions alongside any project, assignment or learning sequence. The curated questions are designed by education experts and disciplinary professionals. They are deliberately open ended, not “loaded.” You choose what to ask and when to ask it.  

            As students reflect, they are building a learning portfolio to complement their work.  You have a real-time view of student thinking which can inform your teaching.  You can also see evidence of important meta-skills: Flexible Thinking, Cognitive Processing, Transfer Learning, Self-Directed Learning, Mindset, and Social/Interpersonal Learning.  

            Encourage students to respond honestly.  They should feel comfortable admitting unusual or fringe perspectives, uncertainties, struggles, setbacks, questions, and even unrealistic personal expectations.  Reassure them that their reflections are not visible to peers.  

            Research shows that this kind of reflective practice connects students to their own learning.  It can shift mindset from “doing school” towards intrinsic motivation and self-awareness.  One question at a time, build an ecosystem for reflection and insight across your classroom, department and school.  

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            Updated: 05 Nov 2019 02:18 PM
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