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            Trial Guide for Instructors

            Last updated: August 12, 2019

            REFLEQ Trial Guide (Instructor)

            Sign into ReflEQ:

            You’ve received a trial welcome email with log-in link. If you’ve successfully logged in, skip this!

            • Go to
            • Click the white login link (top right).
            • Click the aqua Forgot Password link.
            • Enter your school email address.
            • You’ll now receive an email so you can select a password and log in.  
            • If you encounter difficulty, please contact your site administrator or ReflEQ support.

            My first steps (Trial Vanilla):

            This is a simple and realistic way to trial ReflEQ in limited time.  You’ll be able to browse the ReflEQ metacognitive question banks and consider how ReflEQ can scaffold your instructional goals and boost student meta-skills.

            Create a Project:

            • Go to your Dashboard (left purple nav bar).
            • Click on “Untitled Project” (or the New Project button).
            • Name your Project (e.g., Civil Rights Project, Mock Trial, Spring Portfolio Review).

            Browse the curated question banks:

            • Browse the curated question banks in the right panel.  
            • Drag/drop questions into your Queue that seem interesting to scaffold something you teach.
            • Your Queue is a workspace for questions that you might want to assign. You can add, remove, or rearrange the order of questions in your Queue.

            Consider how REFLEQ fits your instructional goals and school mission:

            • Take a look here to see actual student reflections from REFLEQ journals.
            • Consider how REFLEQ journals can complement projects, units, courses and portfolio processes at your school or university.

            I want to dig deeper (Trial Strawberry):

            Try assigning a test reflection and then responding as a “student.”  You’ll be able to test-drive the interface as both a teacher and a student.

            Connect your student account to your Project.

            • Click into the test Project you created.
            • Use the Add Groups link (below Project name) to select your test Group and Section.
            • Save and Close.  You’ve now added your “test student” to your Project.  

            How do I assign a Question?

            • Pick a question in your Queue that you want to assign.  Click the Assign link.
            • Leave the Assign date at “now.”
            • Set a Due date.  (Note, it is possible to edit the Due date once a question is assigned.)
            • Leave the other check-boxes alone for the purposes of this experiment.
            • Click the aqua Assign button.

            How do I log into my student account?

            • Your student password is the word “password

            How do I try reflecting as a student?

            • On My Reflections, click into the Project with a question assigned.
            • Reflect and Submit.  The reflection moves into the journal.
            • Reflections are only viewable by the instructor / instructor-pair assigning the reflection.
            • Note, on the right side of the journal, the print, export (PDF) and share (by secure weblink) allow the student to share the journal more widely, e.g., other teachers or parents for student-led conferencing, portfolio-review, mastery-transcript evidence.

            How do I view student reflections?

            • Log back into your instructor account.
            • Click View Responses on any assigned question to see anonymized reflections in real time.
            • The Search Reflections box helps you skim reflections for keywords.
            • Click aqua Show Names button (right top) to associate student names with their reflections.  
            • Click on any student name to view that student’s journal across all assigned questions.

            How do I see data on the questions I’ve assigned?

            • In Assigned Questions, hover over Data to see the balance of meta-skills associated with the questions you’ve asked. Take a look at ReflEQ’s Learner Profile for more information.
            • Ask your students to print, export (PDF) or share by secure weblink their completed journals.  The weblink allows the journal to be shared beyond the instructor(s) who issued the questions (e.g., other teachers or parents for student-led conferencing, portfolio-review, mastery-transcript evidence).

            I want to try ReflEQ with my students (Trial Chocolate):

            Please contact Rigele Abilock at  We will ask you for a list of your students and their email addresses, and support you to issue a question to students so you can get a new lens on their thinking alongside something you teach.

            Updated: 05 Nov 2019 02:18 PM
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